Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Days

So a little while ago Catdoggg and myself were having the hungry horrors from consuming too many beverages in town. We decided to stroll down to the North End and grab some real pizza at Pizzeria Regina. Only problem was we couldn't figure out where it was because it's kind of tucked away inside and we were a bit inebriated.

She had to pee, so we ran into another place that served pizza. I order a beer to pass the time, plus i didn't want to make look like we were just using the place for the commode. OK, maybe i just wanted another beer... But who cares!! When she gets out she asks me if I had asked the guy where Pizzeria Regina was.

Now I am not asking the owner of a competing restaurant how to get to a place that's better than theirs. Catdoggg didn't care! You should have seen the look on the guys face. Insulted... Yea maybe just a little. He eventually helped us out, but I believe it's because I overpaid for a lousy draft beer and not the fact Catdoggg is the cute little blonde girl. Well, that's what I like to believe.

We stumble our way down to Pizzeria Regina. We were still unsure on how to get there so we ask a couple of rainbows where it is.

Spruce: Yes, walk done this street and take a right then a left.

Todd: Excuse me? Why would you send them that way when they can just walk straight up the street and take a left and it's right there?

Spruce: Well sorry! I just thought it would be easier to find that way.

Todd: How the hell is that easier. You don't know what you're doing.

Spruce: Shut up!

Todd: No you Shut up!

Spruce: You shut up!

Todd: Wanna Fuck?

OK Thank you guys...

So we walk up the street take the left and it's right there. Like the Golden Calf glowing at us. We hastily make our way into the door and there's a guy standing in the doorway. Catdoggg immediately says hi and shakes his hand turns and plans her move toward the bar to order pizza. I look at him real quick, say hi and shake his hand thinking at first it was a guy she works with. Nope, I quickly realize who it was. This is how the conversation went.

Papadog: (turning) Do you know who that is?

Catdoggg: Yeeea!

Papadog: No, do you know who that is?

Catdoggg: Of course I know who that is...

Now at this point he is still standing in front of us. It's like all three of us are in a teacup ride that's how close we are. So right after she said "Of course I know who that was." She turns and looks at him, sticks both her thumbs out in the air, leans back and says.


Turns around and sits down at the bar. He had this smile on his face. It was great. I was kind of in shock, but he didn't seem to care. You never know how these celebrities may act.

The Fonz was such a nice guy to us. We ended up talking to him for about 10 minutes while he was waiting for his cab. He was in town because I guess he writes children's books, which as a ignorant father I had no idea. Catdoggg did of course. We talked about our son and the ages that are great. He highly recommended 4 to 5 as his personal favorites. It was just cool to meet him and have him turn out to be a nice guy.

I did grab a picture...

and in case you were wondering, he was very short.