Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OH NO!!!

Does that really say 11 days away???? In the immortal words of Catdoggg, "Holy Crap!!!!"

First off, I was led to an article recently about the haves and have nots of blogging. Evidently, the one and only thing that really matters is constant updating. OOPS!!

What the hell do I know?

I just think Catdoggg wants me to continue with this so I can build up a readership and enter the top 25 and get that FREE TRIP TO AMSTERDAM. I guess this past month or so the top 25 blogs were sent to Amsterdam for free.


What can I say? I'll try to maintain this site. See, one of my problems is that I have way too many things to discuss/rant/share that I wasn't sure what I should focus on.

Is this site entirely dedicated to Babydog and my growing family or can it be a little bit of both. I think now that Babydog is almost upon us. OH GOD!!! That the majority of the blog will be about him/her, but I would like to add everyday rants, raves, etc. Build up the readership. Have a consistently updated blog.

How does that sound?

Anyway, the countdown begins. My guess is Babydog will squirt out on March 2nd. I believe Catdoggg said March 7th. It's gonna be close. For those of you that know me, I'll do anything to win. Maybe some more of my super sperm will help induce the Catdoggg on my predicted date. I'll have to get her when she's sleeping. :)


p.s. Kiki, nice job on the gift for Catdoggg...

p.p.s. Where's mine?


carrie said...

i bet the baby shall arrive on march 9, because that is my baby's birthday...:)

i can't wait...i am so excited!!! woohoo!!!

catdoggg said...


kiki said...

yours is on the way man.

just what you asked for, cigars, beer and porn...