Sunday, June 11, 2006


After Catdoggg gets done with her stupid double header today, we will be embarking on our first family vacation down in Newport, Rhode Island.

Very excited...

A) Family Vacation

B) Get to see Little A on the beach

C) Can get drunk

D) Hanging with friends

E) I'm not WORKING!!!!

So, the blog won't be updated for a week and I thought I HAD to pass this along since I finally have an excuse why I won't update.

Of course if I never mentioned it most of you probably would have thought I was being lazy again.

I don't think I'll be able to find a computer down there and quite honestly, I DON"T CARE!!!

I'm sure I'll have plenty of new pics and countless stories to share. So please stay tuned...

So some of you get your fix because Blogger blew the big one lately. Here are some new Anthony photos.

Take care guys...

Yes, his pants are on his head. Definitely learned that one from Daddy

Could he look anymore Irish???

Fat and Happy

OH MY GOD!!! He's been eaten by a bear!!! I don't think he likes it...


auntie carrie said...

have i told anthony (IV) that i loved him lately?? I don't think so.... I LOVE YOU ANTHONY!! great pics!!!

that girl said...

flippin the bird again..totally irish :) love the pics.

kiki said...

hurry up and get back!

and tell cat to check her email please

Anonymous said...

The Irish pic is awesome

Williams Brother

Liz said...

So how long until we can see more vacation photos? I only have the ones I took but am dying to see what you got the rest of the week!