Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Americans Go Home...

Okay, in response to what happened. As some of may know, that when you stay at a hostel, some of them serve you breakfast in the morning. Which is nice, unless you are in Argentina where it consists of a plate of bread. Besides that, most of the hotels and hostels have offered this, but none of them were a typical American breakfast.

So we get to this Hostel in Buenos Aires. We just got back from a very long ride from Mar Del Plata. Southern House was the name. The first thing that was cool about it was that the desk man was from fucking LA... He speaks English!!!!

So the place is cool. Very loud with music. A hip, happening place I would have enjoyed more ten years ago... Oh God, I am old!

Anyway, besides the fact that the dude spoke English, but we had a t.v. and I was able to watch the San Diego Chargers blow a 8 point lead to my 3 time Super Bowl Champions, The New England Patriots...

But more excitedly was the fact we might have a normal breakfast the next morning.

We run done stairs the next morning like it's Christmas when we were younger. We're laughing and skipping along the way.... Eggs! Bacon! Pancakes! La La La Laaaaa

We get to the kitchen, no one is around. Catdoggg goes into it and starts to make her claim. As she steps into the kitchen, two women who were in the next room smoking, one of them immediately came in to cook our breakfast. It was quite obvious to me, at least from my stand point. Catdoggg, oblivious...

Catdoggg is totally in her way. I try to say something to warn her that the girl is right behind her to cook our breakfast, but it's too late. She leans up and over the girl to reach two plates that she had to stand on her tippy toes to reach. The woman looks at her, looks out the window to her helper, who looks at her then looks at Catdoggg, while the other looks back at her and then again to Catdoggg. The expressions on their faces were priceless.

If I could only show you what I saw. The looks on these women. My God! Like, "What the fuck is she doing in here?" "Now she's reaching for plates." "Who the fuck is she and where did she come from?"

I am witnessing this from my point of view and nothing could be funnier.

Catdoggg turns around and they meet eye to eye. There is a long pause. In acting we call it a Pinter Pause. Named after Harold Pinter (One of my favorite writers) A pause so long that a truck can drive through it.

I am trying somehow to signal to Catdoggg about the situation. I am about to explode from laughter...

So, Catdoggg finally realizes what to skinny is and walks over to the counter and says to the woman, "I'll just put these plates here."

The woman looked at where she put the plates, looked at Catdoggg and said, "No."

I almost lost it. It was so obvious that I was trying not to laugh that Catdoggg was starting to laugh.

We go sit down and the other woman comes in and they were totally talking about us in Spanish. Another reason to learn the language.

Too funny. If I could only express what I witnessed from where I was standing. Pure comedy. It's gold.

Oh and what did we get for breakfast... One egg and plates of bread...

Silly American


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!! That was the best laugh I could ask for on a chilly Wednesday morning. Did anyone mention to you it's 8 degrees here? FREEZING!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that now you are home you will still blog? We need to know the rest and of course see photos!

Anonymous said...

you're back already?


were there any balck women there? i know we both like them 'darkies'. with bigger bottoms. like that girl we took to the baseball.