Thursday, February 08, 2007

I've Been Slimed!

So the little guy hasn't been feeling very well lately. He's had
the sniffles for the past couple of days and that's nothing new, but I
noticed some little patches of dried up puke on his crib sheet
yesterday morning. He didn't seem sick though. He went about his normal

*Stealing the box of Cheerios and walking around with them.

*Terrorizing the cat and dogs.

*Grabbing the phones and remote controls and drooling profusely on them.

*Dancing when he triggers his music box.

*Laps around the living room while he talks very loudly to himself.

*Normal naps and play time.

*And horrendous poops.

That last poop I saw before I left for work was downright horrific. It
smelled so bad. Had to be in the top 3 for smelly diapers. It was a

Anyway, I guess later that evening he ended up puking his dinner up. Nothing bad, but enough to make you worry that he maybe getting really sick.

This morning he wakes up earlier than normal. Usually he doesn't want to get out of his crib until 9:30/10am but he started howling at 7am.

With our vast experience in 11 months, we determined that he was starving so we gave him his bottle and he stopped crying. Was very happy to be eating.

Catdoggg left for work while I decided to lay back down. When I here Mr. Man
start up again. His bottle is empty. He downed it in less than 5 minutes. That might be record time. I thought he might want more food, but all he wanted to do was cuddle. And he never cuddles so I should have known something was up.

We are laying in bed watching cartoons. Baby Anthony is sitting next to me holding the remote, looking up at me occasionally and just being his cute normal self.
After about 40minutes he decides to stand up. I wasn't thinking much about it. Figured he was getting restless. Had enough quiet time. He stands above me, I'm laying down. He looks at me and proceeds to...

Puke like he never puked before. If there was an Olympic sport for puking he
would have won the gold in distance, amount, freestyle and accuracy. My GOD!!!! I have never seen anything quite like it. I have this video clip that might be able to put it into perspective, but really none of the kids in this video come close. The one walking along kind of does. You can see him in thescreen cap. Take a look, it's funny...

He was like the Exorcist Baby. My shirt was soaked. It was if I had jumped into a pool with my shirt on and peeled it off when I got out. What didn't go all over my
shirt went on my face, ears, hair, arms, pants, underwear, rolled under me and made a puddle on the bed, pillows, rug, night table, floor, his pajamas, his hair, his face... You get the idea.

I felt so bad for him. He has never really been sick before. And Baby Anthony is
always happy and smiling. So for him not to be doing any of this meant he really didn't feel good.

I brought him to the doctors and they took him and dissected him.. Just kidding. They gave Baby Anthony the normal 3,000 mile check-up. He's on Amoxicillin right now and taking some Pedialyte (Bubble Gum Flavor!) Cause if Daddy was still a baby he would want bubble gum flavor...

He's been sleeping like a champ since 10:30am. Lets all wish that he feels better soon.

Hear are some pictures of him smiling and being his best. They cheered me up.


Editorgirl said...

Oh man, my poor little nephew! I assume he has some type of a virus that's why they gave him the pedialyte?

kiki said...

being his unofficial uncle, i can safely say that "he'll be right".

need a baby sitter?

i'm happy to take him down to the common or something...

Editorgirl said...

How is the little guy doing?

ThePapaDog said...

it's too cold up here this time of year to be able to pick anyone up at the common.

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