Monday, February 12, 2007

Parenting 101

So some of you might not know, but Saturday we had to bring the little guy to the hospital. His stomach flu wasn't allowing him to consume any fluids and we didn't want him to dehydrate.

It was his first official emergency room visit. It wasn't like he was on his death bed, but we could see the early signs of dehydration and since I almost died as a baby from it, We sure as heck didn't want another repeat of that.

He was such a cutie. He had on his little gown. I got a great pic of it, but ever since I got my new Treo I can't seem to sync it to my computer. Grrr!

Baby Anthony (Babydog) ended up having to be put on an I.V. So sad. He was such a tough little
guy. We all had to hold him down while the nurses tried to find his vein. He was exhausted. Amazingly though once he was halfway through the I.V. he started to come back to life a bit. It's amazing how fast these little one's can bounce back. Me, it takes a week for any sense of
normalcy to return.

Everyone thought he was the cutest thing. Kept calling him Bunny Rabbit. Some of the nurses couldn't figure out what we meant when we said that his balance was off and wasn't able to
walk as well (a sign of dehydration)

"He's only 11 months, how well can he walk?"

"Well, he's been walking since Christmas."

Well, at the end of our visit, after Babydog had his fluids topped off, he took off like a bandit down the hallway, pushing by two of the nurses.

They were amazed.

Good boy.

I guess this is another part of parenting that you can't quite prepare yourself for. You can read all the books like Catdoggg. I get the Cliff notes from her... You can get all the advice from everyone under the sun, but until you experience these situations then you really have no idea.

It's so sad to see your child not feeling well. You'd rather take all the sickness and pain for yourself then to ever let them have it. But, they need to build up their immunities and in the end as long as nothing is ever too serious, they'll be better off.

I think the biggest compliment was from the Doctor at Children's Hospital.

"It's great that you two we able to pick up on the early signs of dehydration and were able to sense that something was wrong. You guys are great parents."

Catdoggg and The Papadog. Great parents. Who the F would have thought that 2 years ago?


Editorgirl said...

I never had a doubt in my mind :-)

kiki said...

i did.

man, you wouldn't believe how worried i was for this kid. it's up there with Francis-Bean and Anna-Nicole's baby...

Stepping Over the Junk said...

that is good you saw the early signs. It's amazing how we are in a state of emergency. I feel paralyzed inside when things happen to my children but somehow my feet and arms move and my mouth and I get it all together. It's after it is all taken care of that I fall apart.

Carrie said...

awww..poor baby boy!!

ThePapaDog said...

I know, because I was so sick earlier, but once we saw that we needed to bring the Bubba to the hospital it was as if my sickness was put on hold.

It did resume on Sunday though. once everything was fine.

furiousBall said...

It's so hard seeing them sick. My daughter (3 yo) had dental surgery this morning. I hope your little guy is done with his sick stuff soon.