Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blogger Beware

As you can tell my Blog has had yet another makeover. The problem is that this was not intentional. All I was trying to do was add an image to my header.

There's a sight I have been looking at that helped with the codes, but do you think it would work for me?


At first the image was added above the header. It was huge. So big that you had to scroll down a quarter of the way to even get to the beginning of my blog.

Then I was able to get rid of it and somehow add it into the header. It was still huge, but at least the text was over the image. Kind of what I wanted, but it didn't fill up the whole part and I had an inch of blue on both sides. Kind of like bookends. Looked rather stupid.

I was able to minimize the image into the header, but yet still had an issue with the blue bookends. Of course I have no idea what I am doing at this point. Kind of winging it. Trial and error. I'm also writing everything down that I change so I don't get too confused.


I guess I changed a little too much.

I ended up blanking my blog so half of what you saw was white, hence you saw half of nothing of what I knew was there. If that makes any sense?

So I gave up after 2 and a half hours. I backed up my original codes, but I thought I read somewhere that it would be easier to do it on a three column format. Well, this is what I used as a template and it doesn't look like three columns to me. In fact none of them did.

In fact the part of the html that I was following instructions for didn't seem to apply to this template. So I gave up...

I should have paid more attention to this shit when I was younger.

It's not too bad is it?

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