Monday, May 07, 2007


You know, when athletes say it's not about money and then they take as much as they can in the end. Why lie to us? Every once and a while I get sucked into thinking that maybe this time its really not about the money. Wrong! Then i get angry and bash that person till I'm blue in the face. Then when it comes to Roger Clemens. I will bash him till the day I die!

First, you suck ass the last four years with the Red Sox. You're out of shape and lost interest. You decide to be a free agent and claim that you want to live closer to home; Texas. You then turn around and take the richest contract possible and go to Toronto. Toronto? Yea, then you get your fat ass into shape and win two more Cy Young awards. Then you turn around and diss Toronto cause you wanna move closer to home again; Texas and then you sign with those fucking Yankees! Win a couple of World Series Rings and now you're off to Houston and are actually home. I think that took 6 or 7 years to do.

Now your playing with Houston and are getting old and your body is breaking down. You decide to ass fuck the Houston Astros into paying you a pro-rated contract worth $22 million for half a season's work and just home games. Now you might retire again and wait, wait, the Yankess are going to give you $28 million dollars for 4 months work and you don't have to travel. Are you kidding me?

Yea maybe I'm bitter he didn't choose the Red Sox, who by the way offered $18 million, but when your fat ass is all over the news claiming that this is about winning and never about the money and then you run to the desperate Yankees who throw more money at you then a stripper. You got me pissed. How much more money do you need? You've already got more money than Christ has Christians!

So have fun playing with your Yankees. You over-priced, lying, old, fathead, donkey dick Clemens! Have fun playing for a team loaded with has been all stars who will do anything to try to recapture their glory years from 96' to 2000. Trying building from within again and then you'll be back someday.

Maybe I would act different if he came here, but he will never be welcome back to my neighborhood. I can't wait till his fat ass comes to Fenway and to see and hear the jeers he'll get. Knowing him he'll probably skip playing here. PUSSY! He just officially destroyed his legacy here.

Although this does add another element for the biggest rivalry in sports the past few years.

"Bitter, your table for one is ready. Bitter, your table is ready."


Editorgirl said...


Nikki said...

Can two more join your Bitter table? I hope Roger Clemens splits his pants pitching one day - and I hope that day also happens to be laundry day and the whole world gets to see his skid marks.


furiousBall said...

I can't believe how much money they're giving him. I'm sure he'll pitch fine, 6 innings at a time. But here's the best part for your BoSox lovin' ass - the Yanks aren't going to make it to the playoffs this year no matter how much they pay his donkey penis. Is that an insult really?

kiki said...

my mind wandered at reading 'strippers'...

then i thought, 'who really cares about baseball?'

and i was content with the stripper thoughts again.

Diesel said...

It's not always about the money. Sometimes it's about the babes.