Thursday, December 01, 2005

Let Me Introduce You To Babydog

So if you look to your left you will see Babydog. Made in Newport, Rhode Island. Summer of 2005. Can you believe it? Weird to actually think that I helped create a child. I guess Peter Pan does have to grow up sometime.

I've been listening to some friends recently along with some great comments that will help me in my decision making. Yes, the decision to find out the gender of Babydog. Now let me rewind a little bit.

When Catdoggg and I found out we were having a baby, besides the millions of questions we had asked ourselves already, THE question arose. Should we or shouldn't we find out the gender of our baby. Of course immediately I wanted to know. Catdoggg, on the other hand DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW. Can I stress that enough? SHE DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW. Which in fact is really odd coming from her.

This is the woman who has this inherit need to know everything and anything about everyone. Now I thought my sister was a bit nosy, but along crawled Catdoggg. There was one time I had bought her something she wanted. I was going to surprise her. She found out about the surprise and insisted I tell her. Not knowing that when I didn't tell her, she would make a bee line to my computer to view my recent history. I basically had to knock my computer over so she couldn't find out. She then proceeded to jump on my back and began to choke me. A choke hold that any professional wrestler would be jealous of. I started to back her into the wall, but it only angered her even more. At this point I'm on my knees and am thankful she is only choking me. She finally releases. I still not sure why. I'll call it divine intervention, but she then proceeded to not talk to me and became sad and mad at the same time. Needless to say I had to tell her. Otherwise I think she would have broken up with me. No joke!!! If you walk into my kitchen right now. On my dry erase board is a note that I wrote on that day. "Don't ever tell Cat you have a surprise for her. Just surprise the little rat." Oh did I mention how quickly her mood changed when I told her. It definitely wasn't her first day at the rodeo....

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... She had made a lot of sense in our discussions and I ended up being okay with not knowing the gender. What's the big deal? It will be kind of cool to be surprised. In fact I believe she said, "If I'm not happy, you're not happy." That also helped push along my decision making. Love you babe!!! :)

So I agreed with the little lady not to find out, but I had some questions that I needed answers to. Questions that I thought at the time could somehow outwit my girl into a change of heart. When will I ever learn? Of course she had an answer for each and every one of them. Funny how it always seems to work out that way, huh guys?

What about painting Babydog's room?
We can paint it a neutral color which will work for either a boy or girl.

What about people buying us gifts?
Tell them to save the receipts.

What about naming Babydog?
We can come up with a name for a boy and a girl.

What about the fact I really want to know?

At first I wanted a boy. I will admit what every guy thinks when he first hears he's having a baby. Boy Boy Boy. Keep that legacy going. Which by the way is another funny story, but alas... I'll save that for another day. Of course I really would love to have a girl as well. Daddy's little girl. Awwww So in the end I was done. Conversation was over, UNTIL.... Last night at approximately 10:02pm.

It was a warmer night than usual for this time of year. A cool breeze had slightly opened my back door. Two cars drove by. A Red Mustang and a White Ford Tauras with a bumper sticker on the back reading, "My kid beat up your honor roll student." To my left a leaf gently bumped into the window as it continued on it's way to it's demise. I just finished wiping away the last tear from my eyes as Matt became The Biggest Loser. Then Catdoggg said, "When we go to the ultrasound on Tuesday (Dec. 6th 8:00am) you can find out the sex of the baby if you want to, but I don't want to know and YOU CAN'T TELL ANYBODY."

I felt like I was in the Matrix. Everything around me crawled to a stop. What??? I haven't even thought about this for months. I was all set. I was done. I was finished. Next please. UGH!!!! She had to say something. Why did she have to say something? The only way I can describe it is when someone tells you that you can touch everything in this room except the red button. Oh, you mean that red button over there. This red button. The red shiny button. The red candylike button. Oh God, I have to press it. I must press it. BOOM!!!!!

I could have used this in Newport. What is it about Germans?
German Sex Ed NSFW

p.s. I think I finally figured out Html.


Carrie said...

alright, you are a sick bastard and i think you should wait..there is only about 3 months left until this all happens! this blog is great and i am sending it to all of the girls! i can't wait until march...being an aunt again....woohoo...!!!

Eel Eoj said...

Congrats Tony, If fatherhood is half as good is it was to me, you will love it!