Friday, December 09, 2005

The Post Before The Storm

Okay folks, I apologize in the beginning. I am having some employee problems at my business and I will not be able to write my next post until Saturday. I am writing this because I have found out recently that there are some people out there that actually like my blog. Go figure!!!!! I never thought that I would finally become popular. Too bad it didn't happen 15 years ago... Always wanted to be cool. Too bad I always felt like I needed to fit into a new group and adapt to their ways.

Can I tell you how painful it was to play dungeons and dragons? I knew I hit rock bottom that year. I've gone from that, to listening to metal ( which I still like, shhhh), to actually being studious, to hanging with the homeboys, getting in knife fights, being shot at, wearing my clothes backwards (ala Kriss Kross) , pawning off counterfeit bills, being a player, selling illegal substances, being popular (it sucks), finding yourself, thinking about what matters, meeting your true love, having a baby and FINALLY FIGURING OUT WHAT REALLY MATTERS IN LIFE...... Cause the DaddyMac can and will make you do incredibly stupid things until that day that you have that epiphany....


Gee, I always seem to go off on a tangent. Sorry... I've actually heard rumors are spreading. Oh Anthony, your blog is sooooooooo funny, but sometimes you become too long winded..... BOLOGNA!!!! Deal with it....I like to write. I've written my whole life. There are multiple screenplays and shorts out there with my name on them...... I've had research papers turned into funding projects..... DEAL :)

Okay, so maybe I can go off on a HUGE tangent. Can't hide my feelings.... That's just me. Anyway, I will have a really cool post tomorrow. This will be the first time that I hope to figure out how to put multiple pictures up on a single post.

I know, it may come easy to some of you out there, but if I can't intimidate it, sweet talk it, beat it up... I have to work at it. Which I don't mind at the time. I have to learn to be patient and loving and learn along the way, Ummmm......... B A B Y D O G ! ! ! Oh yeah, and CATDOGGG, HEE HEE

We'll talk soon......

p.s. Dear Kiki,
I understand your point, but if the person is not intelligent enough to play it off your way.... There is no excuse.

"Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."
Abraham Lincoln


Liz said...

Now Anthony that was quite enlightening for first thing this morning. Your blog is very entertaining and the fact you are sharing it makes it even more so - Alright it's 6 a.m. (been up early for the past two weeks - I'll explain later). Be safe in the snow today and I'll talk to you later. Can't wait to see the three (or 2 3/4 of you) Saturday night!

kiki said...

Re: 'p.s.' explain, i can't remember what i said other than my comment about pizza's... you will have to enlighten me

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