Sunday, July 23, 2006

By The Power Of Gray Skull!!!!!!

Ok, so some of you know how much I talk about how advanced Anthony is. How he's in this percentile and that percentile. It may be a little too much to take, but hey I don't care if I repeat myself... He's my son and he's the bomb. I am proud he is not a floppy baby and if the little guy is doing things a 6 to 8 month is doing then YES I'm going to talk about it.

Proud Father here...

What you may not know is how strong the little guy is. When I say strong I mean strong.

The kid after an hour out of being out of the wretched womb ( as Stewie from the Family Guy would say )... On a side note. Little does Anthony know that he spent 9 months of his life trying to get out and the rest of his life trying to get back in... :)

Anyway, after an hour out of the womb, he lifted his head. Since then the kid has shown advanced strength only compared to the Incredible Hulk.

He was standing at 2 and a half months. He literally walks across the room if you hold him so he doesn't fall. He hurts like hell when he whacks you in the face. Which by the way, HE LOVES TO DO... He slams his foot and pushes off from the Baby Bijorn and pushes Daddy across the room. The kid is a brute....

In fact this afternoon, Anthony was crawling up Daddy's torso when he punch me in my gut, put both hands down on me and preceded to push himself up onto his two feet and stand for all of 5 seconds. Unfortunately he has the balance of his Dad after 5 Crown Royal and cokes, but give him time. He's learning...

Which leads me to my original point.

The other morning I was watching him as Mommy went to the gym. Long ago we have removed his Mobile from the music box, because quite honestly, he doesn't really care and it keeps him awake longer than we want. Since then we have put it onto the side of his crib, out of his way. So we thought...

After I thought he was asleep, Anthony decided that he had enough of this stupid mobile part intruding on his territory. I was in the other room watching television when I heard a large thud. At first I didn't think anything of it and then I began to worry that maybe somehow he figured out how to get out of his crib. All I could think of was that Anthony fell out of his crib on my watch.

I don't know if I was more terrified of him being hurt or the repercussions from his mom. Lets just say I rushed in as fast as I could.

The part was hanging off the side of the crib. Somehow Anthony had thrown it off the side to the front. About 3 feet away. No Shit!!!

Now he likes to fall asleep with his arms dangling through the crib rails, but even if his normal automated reflex was to knock it straight up it would have landed straight down from its original position.

NO!!!! This was knocked over the side of the crib toward the front. Which means the little bugger had to lift it up and somehow undo it from the post and lift it over the front railing onto its final decent.


I went in and he wasn't crying. He just looked at me and smiled. Like nothing ever happened. He ended up having a tiny bruise on his arm, but even if it was an automated reflex, it was one freaking strong one.

I love my Super Baby... He definitely has the POOOOWEEEEER!!!!

* This post was written under the influence of Crown Royal and Coke. Any spelling errors and repetition was not intentional. Bad grammar and run-ons were meant for Kiki's blog. No Babies were harmed during the writing of this post.

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