Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Sometimes I like to go to Blockbuster to pick up some previously viewed DVDs. Long gone are the days of buying all the new releases at Best Buy for full price. Man I wasted so much money.

So the other day Catdoggg and myself decide to run into the new Blockbuster that just opened up down the street from us. I have one next to my store but lately their selections have sucked. I think it may result in the fact that they have NO CUSTOMERS!!

This "New" Blockbuster has two sections. Happy Day! Happy Day! 4 for $20 or 3 for $25. The 4 for $20 section were old movies or movies that came out recently that bombed faster than G. W. The 3 for $25 are really recently released movies, ie. Superman, X-Men, Da Vinci Code, BEERFEST!!!!, some girlie movies, you get the idea.

I was so overwhelmed that we did one of each. 4 crappy movies you wanted to see but didn't feel like wasting $10 at the theater. Also, 3 recent movies that I wanted to see but for some reason we couldn't get to. Plus, I still hate wasting $10 on a new movie if I don't do enough research on it to make sure I'm getting my money's worth. I did however pluck done the bills for the new James Bond movie though... How could you not???

So what is this post about?

Well, about an hour ago I just got done feeding Babydog and as usual I gate him in the family room and watch him run around destroying everything he touches, grabs, or knocks over. Today he liked the bottle of Tums cause when he holds them it shakes making tons of noise. However he did manage to open the lid and start to consume some. He seemed very happy about this. The list of things he picks up and plays with in a matter of minutes is astonishing. Too long of a list to list here.

I decide to throw in one of the crappy movies I wanted to see. That's right folks. the God Awful remake of The Poseidon Adventure. "Poseidon" Quite honestly the only reason I even got this was because I love to watch disaster films and more importantly. I really, really, really wanted to watch Stacy "Fergilicious" Ferguson die! It's not that I have anything against her. I mean I wouldn't throw her out of bed for smoking meth, but for some reason she really irritates me.

So the movie is going and it didn't take long for the bodies to start flying. Way to build up that character development Wolfgang. John Woo can do a better job than you and that's not saying much.

Anyway, Babydog walks by me and I smell something. I knew nobody was cooking in the kitchen cause I just came from there and nobody else was home. I kind of let it pass without much more of a thought until Babydog walks by me again.

WTF! I smell...Do I smell... Is that Curry?

I get down on my knees and grab his tiny bum and sniff. The things we do when we have kids. Low and behold, his ass smelled like curry.

Catdoggg loves Indian food. When she was pregnant she either ate that or pizza. I swear she was breastfeeding him curry in the beginning...

He had curry last night. I've got to admit, but the little guy loves the stuff. But I never thought that his shit would smell like curry. Well let me put it this way, I never thought it would smell delicious. I really thought for that brief moment that someone was cooking. I swear.

The only problem is that even though his ass/shit smells yummy, there is a ton of it to clean. Good job mommy. Thanks...

So I cleaned him, changed him, and put his sweet smelling ass down for his nap. I wonder if Indian babies asses smell like curry too. I gotta go now. I'm starting to get hungry.


Editorgirl said...

Ha ha ha!!!!

furiousBall said...

I work in software development, I'll lean over the cube wall and ask the contractors if their babies' shit smells like curry...I'll time how long the phone call from HR recommending some sort of sensitivity training takes.

It truly is amazing the things we do as a parents. My wife wouldn't do the butt sniff, instead (and I thought this was even nastier) she would just jab a finger into the diaper and check the baby for poo by site. My wife is freakin' great...I wanted to patent a baby ass dipstick to save us the manicure costs.

BTW, I finally got around to blogrolling you back, very glad I found your thingy...and by thingy I don't mean...oh nevermind.

Scottsdale Girl said...

GRRRRREAT - yer already teaching him that his shit don't stink. Way to go Papadog!

kiki said...

indian babies smell delicious. that's why they don't shower. they just smear shit all over themselves

in fact, they actually have white skin, but years of said 'smearing' causes their skin to darken

Yasamin said...

curry + diaper = Sex Panther from anchorman. hahahahah!!!!

thats seriously what i thought of when i read that.

ThePapaDog said...

Furious- outsourcing... grrr. You can ask them but will you understand what they say back to you? I'm glad you found my thingy. You take my thingy and your thingy and it's like the two swords in He-Man. You combine them together and you have one big Thingy.

Scootsdale Gal- I thought only female poo didn't stink.

Kiki- You really put thigs in perspective don't ya. :) I always did prefer taking a cab drven by an Indian. I have a very important beer question for you...

Yasamin- Is your blog just restricted for women? because i could put a dress on... Oh and I always laugh at my own jokes too.

editorgirl- You're my sister you don't get a response. :)

kiki said...

i'm listening...