Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's My Birthday Too

As some of you may know, Babydog's 1st birthday is this Saturday. So I ask this question.

What the hell do you do for a first birthday???

I got all the typical party crap. Balloons, Hat, Bib, Elmo noise makers, Cake, Stripper, Ice Cream, Banner, Streamers...

I mean, he's not going to really know what is going on. Except for the fact that there seem to be more people staring at him than usual.

Everyday is his birthday... I hated it so much when my mom said that to me, but Damn It! She was right.

I know it's a celebration of his first year and blah blah blah, but I also think it's a celebration for Mommy and Daddy surviving their first year as parents...

We can all have our cake. Just might have a few drinks thrown in there as well. Too bad Mommy gave up booze for Lent. You know what I gave up for Lent? Drinking with my left hand...

So keep sending those checks for Babydog's college tuition. God knows we'll need it when the time comes. Unless he becomes incredibly gifted in athletics, band, cheer leading, science, academics, or he goes to the military. If that's the case, we're buying a boat.

That's all for today.


Editorgirl said...

No worries, I'll certainly have a glass of wine for Mommy (or 2) God knows I'll need it!

Happy Birthday to the best nephew ever!!!

kiki said...

catdoggg.... lent....

please explain?

p.s. i'm so coming if there's strippers. i could probably get you one cheap

catdoggg said...

kiki, pack your bags you heathen- how do you not know what lent is? it starts on ash wednesday and lasts till holy saturday, 40 days no wine :(

liz, what papadog shoulda said was that i'm off the wine for lent... shots anyone?

kiki said...

ash wednesday?
it's on a different date here...


i'm not up to date on my corrupt religion traditions

why not just have his birthday on a sunday? can't you drink wine then?
turns out i am up to date (a little).

Editorgirl said...

Catdoggg - that makes much more sense, though I don't know if I could go without wine for 40 days. That might actually kill me :-)

furiousBall said...

I believe it's tradition to give a nice scotch to Mom and Dad on baby's first birthday...if not, let's get to work on making that a tradition.

Both of my kids basically just smashed up their cake on their heads and then crapped themselves. Which like you Mom stated, was pretty much everyday, just less cake.

Lainey-Paney said...

For our little one's 1st...Firetruck party.

and, guess what?
1) He did NOT like opening gifts.
2) it was all fun & games until someone got icing in his eye.
He didn't really like the cake, hadn't really had much sugar unp until, the whole party was more for us as parents than for him.