Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V-Day Rant!!!

Originally I was going to rant about the commercialization of Valentine's Day, but then I got going on a few more subjects and I just feel that I need to get them off my chest...


Yes I believe that Valentine's Day is a conspiracy. When the F did it become so commercialized? Every year I say this. We just get done paying off those wretched credit card bills from our Christmas presents, when we now have to turn around and think of something else to give the lady to prove that we still love her.

Don't know about you but I don't need a holiday to force me into proving my love for the Catdoggg. Gift buying, dinners, cars, and jewelry do not prove your love to someone. It's the everyday little things you do for each other that matter the most.

Making the bed when not being asked. Writing surprise notes for each other. Taking a shower/bath together. Keeping the toilet seat down in the middle of the night. A nice back scratch or massage. Having a surprise dinner ready for them when they get home. And fair warning on any Dutch Ovens.

That's love. Not wasting $3.99 on a Valentine's Day card to say something that you can't express on your own. Or roses that die in a few days. Be more original than that.

Plus, if you go all out in the beginning.... You are setting yourself up to fail because you've set that bar too high at first. Pace yourself boys...


Some of you out there know my political background and my views, but this is honestly not about any of that. What I care about now politically and what I cared about 10 years ago have completely changed. It's about what's good for me and my family and inevitably whats best for our country and the world.

On that point, please please please do not vote for Hillary Clinton for President. It's not because she's Billary Clinton. It's not because she's a Democrat. It's not because of any of the bullshit we know about her and cows, her husband or whatever. Just for one fact...

George H.W. Bush 1989-93
William J. Clinton 1993-2001
George W. Bush 2001-2009
Hillary Rodham Clinton 2009-2013

You do the math... That's 24 straight years of Bush's and Clinton's in the White House. I repeat, That will be 24 straight years of the same fucking people in the White House!!! It's even more if you want to include George H.W. Bush's 8 years as Vice-President under Ronald Reagan. So 32! And who knows, maybe when Hillary is done in 8 yearsJeb Bush will decide to run...

It's time for a change people!!! Democrat or Republican. Lets get rid of this old boy network. Someone new, someone fresh. If we keep electing the same people over and over again, nothing will ever change. I can't believe more people haven't noticed this...

Every person I tell this to stops to think for a second to do the math and then realizes it. Please pass this along.

Plus I think hearing the President of the United States and the First Man sounds silly...


Get off my roads! Get out of my way! You can't drive! You can't walk! You make people angry behind you. They have this wonderful invention. It's called the ride. They will pick you up and safely bring you anywhere you want to go. Call your children , call you grand-children. Someone will help you. Just stop causing accidents, road rage, and stop driving through store fronts because the gas pedal and brake confuse you. I know it must suck to feel like you're losing your independence and I can't imagine I can even relate to that yet, but for eveyone's safety.. GET OFF THE ROADS!!!


It's a snow storm people, not the end of the world. There is no need to panic over a couple of inches of snow. Get over it. Stop using it as an excuse for getting out of shit. Stop attacking the supermarkets like the end is near. I hope that when the world is about to fall apart. The freaking supermarket is closed. HA!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :)


rsm said...

Word. On all of it.

Scottsdale Girl said...

So I should not have bought him Season 1 of 24? Am I a bad girl? Wait, don't answer that.

Love the blog dude!!!!!!

Scottsdale Girl said...

ooh and I blogrolled you...hope it didn't hurt! :)

Anonymous said...

You've got nothing to worry about. She's not going to get the democratic nomination despite what the conservative media keeps saying. It's simply not going to happen.

kiki said...

catdoggg's driving scares me (and you (and everyone))

since you're a meat-eating republican, what do you think of Obama?

Calla said...

Your point about changing from the Bush/Clinton leadership thing is pretty valid. But I have a small bone to pick with "First Man" sounds ridiculous. "First Lady" isn't a great title either, it means nothing and it's demeaning, and yet, we've been continuing to call the wives of presidents that. I think we should do away with titles for presidential spouses altogther, although it's sad it will take putting a man in that position to change it.

Sharkey said...

I hear ya on the snow thing. The media hypes it and people believe it.

But I'm a fine one to talk--I haven't left the house in two days (I can work from home)!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for linking to me from yours!

furiousBall said...

I don't think Hillary will get the nomination. I think couples should do something positive for themselves instead of incurring more debt, it's a pollution that is more damaging to American families than any noxious gas, besides a dutch oven from grandpa after mexican. I think all people over 65 should be issued bumper cars and separate roadways, it would be fun and safer for them (and us). I like the snow panic, it's entertaining to me...sometimes I wonder with the paranoia if it's actually cocaine falling from the sky.

ThePapaDog said...
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ThePapaDog said...

Scottsdale girl- Are you my new friend? um, what's a blogroll Beavis?

Kiki- Obama doesn't bother me too much except our basic differences on policies, but he needs to stop imitating John Kerry. That will get him nowhere fast.

Calla- I never realy thought of it that way. I guess it's been so institutionalized that it's become an after thought. You're right there shouldn't be a title for spouses. Eventhough calling Bill Clinton the First Lady would be the only thing keeping me smiling for 4 years...

Sharkey- I'm not one to talk either. Just for the fact that I own a wine store and sell tons of booze to the frightened. It just worries me that every plow guy stops in and buys beer and booze throughout the day.

Furious- Bumper cars and a seperate roadway would be my new favorite spectator event. Brilliant!

"Do you realize the street value of this mountain?" -Curtis Armstrong (Better Off Dead)

Scottsdale Girl said...

Yes, new friend...ok uhm LINKED you over at my place.