Thursday, February 15, 2007

Likes Peas In A Pod

I love my son. He is the cutest fucking thing in the world. It's disgusting, everything he does is so adorable. I love how he imitates every face we make... I better be careful with that in the future though.

He loves to be scared, loves it. His whole body tremors when you jump out at him, but he always has this shit eating grin on his face and laughs hysterically.

He loves to be chased. "I'm gonna get you, I'mmm gooonnnna geeeeet yooooou!" He runs like mad. Well, he runs as well as anyone who's in their second month of walking can, none the less, he motors.

He loves his yellow blankie. He will not go to sleep anywhere without it. When he's tired he'll pull it through his crib so he can dive bomb into it. If it's his bedtime and he's still messing around, all you have to do is grab it and hold it out like a Matador and he'll come charging toward it with a smile. Dive bombs into it, wraps it around himself and then inserts his thumb. Every time. So cute. Thank God he hasn't pull a full Linus yet and start dragging it around.

He loves phones and remote controls. Had I known this earlier I could have saved a fortune on toys and batteries. For instance, when he hears the phone ring he makes a B-line towards it and picks it up. So he puts it in his mouth instead of answering it, we still think he's a genius.

He has become more independent, but also more clingy. He doesn't necessarily want you to play with him, you just need to be in sight range so he knows your there.

When I'm in the computer room, he will run in every few minutes to check on me. Sometimes he comes in laughing, sometimes he comes in and wants to sit on my lap as I write, sometimes he pulls the keyboard down onto the floor, sometimes he comes in so I can smell his dinner from last night.

Funny. Today I had gotten down on my hands and knees, because for some reason my son likes to head butt ya. He totally picked that up from the Catdoggg. If she isn't throwing ice at ya when she's drinking, next thing you know you've got a lump the size of Texas on your head. Anyway, when I got down he looked at me and started laughing and crawled away around the corner. I stayed on the floor...

a) because it takes me longer than a minute to work up enough energy to get up.
b) because I found an M & M on the floor and I was eating it.
c) because I wanted to see what he was going to do next.
d) all of the above.

Out of the corner of my eye I see the little guy sneaking his head around the corner to see if I'm still there. When I meet him eye to eye, he laughs and quickly turns around. He continues to do this about 4 more times. When he finally decides he's had enough he stands up and comes bombing around the corner and reaches out for a hug. *sniff* *sniff*

I love how he looks at me like I'm crazy sometimes. It's usually when I am trying to do a funny dance for him. I swear sometimes he looks at me like he's Stewie from The Family Guy.

I love how he does laps around the house drinking his bottle while he yells and screams to himself.

I love how the little bugger he wags his head from side to side when he says no or doesn't want anymore.

I love how he has picked up on his sign language and we are able to communicate with him better.

I love how he stops and dances when he hears music. 11 months and I think he dances better than me already.

I love how everything he sees and experiences is brand new to him.

I love how he is not jaded yet and doesn't understand hate.

I do miss how small he once was. How he would just be happy to sit with you and sleep on your chest. I'm working on a new video for him for his first birthday when I started to look at an old one I had posted a while back.

It brings back a ton of memories. Click here and scroll down. It's the second story down under the heading NEW TOY


furiousBall said...

I miss those days with my son too, my son is 5 and a half now. I still get on the floor and wrestle with him and just watch him play. Kids are incredible ain't they?

Friend of mine told me when we were pregnant with our son, "Kids change you, in all good ways."

Editorgirl said...

You do love him so much and that is so wonderful to see. He's going to continue to change, but you know that and every change will be a journey, an adventure and a reminder of how wonderful this little creature the two of you created is.

ThePapaDog said...


Editorgirl said...

That was a loving term of creature silly!

ThePapaDog said...

Good thing you're my sister.

Otherwise... TO THE MOON!!!