Tuesday, April 03, 2007


At my health club they have a ton of activities for you. With over 75 classes a week, 2 swimming pools, 15 tennis courts, basketball court, indoor track, full weight room, more treadmills then I've ever seen and countless fitness experts at your disposal, it's hard not to find something you like.

Well, on every first Tuesday of every month they play dodgeball at 8pm. I think the best sign I saw promoting it was, "Need Couples Therapy? Come Play Dodgeball!"

Now, I've always loved dodgeball as a kid and I'd like to say that at one point I was probably very good at it. A hundred a fifty pounds later, I'm not too sure. I'm not as nimble as I once was. In fact, I never really was nimble in the first place.

You see, the guy who works there who sets up the dodgeball has been promoting a Dodgeball Tourney later this month. He's had a T.V. out playing that awful Dodgeball movie , trying to motivate people to join up.

He's been harassing me for a while now. See, "Elton" is a little too happy if you know what I mean. He's very nice, but sometimes I get the feeling I'm being undressed. Hey, I'll take that as a compliment. In fact I was doing hyper-extensions the other day and when my head was down in my movement, someone walked by me and said, "Great Breathing!" It was "Elton" Maybe as his job as a trainer he was impressed by my breathing skills because most people at the gym have no idea what they are doing, or more likely it was that because my ass was up in the air and I was breathing deeply.... You get the idea.

Regardless, I am intrigued with the idea of playing dodgeball. Every time he sees me he mentions it.

I wonder if its his balls I'll be dodging...

Anyway, so I said to him that I'll go tonight and see how things work out for me before I sign up for the tourney. I'm even trying to get my buddy Silent Steve to go with me.


Little worried because I haven't thrown a ball in a while. For some of you out there you know what I mean. The repercussions of non throwing usage can screw your arm up for a while. Especially when you go all out all of a sudden. Plus, I can't really afford to hurt it because of work, the baby, and being able to push "Elton" away from me.

Wish me luck so I don't hurt anything, "Elton" doesn't find me alone in the showers, and I get to nail someone in the head....

Now if the DodgeBall Tourney was going to be like this, I wouldn't hesitate to sign up...




Editorgirl said...

Oh man - all I can picture is you dressed like Ben Stiller's character in that movie. Classic! Be sure to tell us all about it - personally hurling balls at people has to be therapeutic.

Daddy L said...

Believe or not I've never played Dodgeball before, it was all hockey up in Canada.

Sounds like fun. Go for it, then tell us about it.