Saturday, March 31, 2007

You've Been Tagged...

This is so gay, not that there's anything wrong with that. Some people like this shit, some don't but I guess it's a good way to learn more about each other. YEEECK! So here it is....

Three Things That Scare Me

- People with no arms or legs driving
- Hillary Clinton becoming President
- Axis of Evil

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

- Myself
- Shawn (Obie)
- My Son

Three Things I Love

- Bacon
- People watching
- My son

Three Things I Hate

- The Media
- Idiots who trick out their 85 Honda's thinking their cool but won't drive the speed limit cause their afraid it might hurt their car because they have smaller tires on it than I did on my Pinewood Derby car.
- The Yankees!

Three Things I Don’t Understand

- Stupidity
- People who are followers
- Life

Three Things On My Desk

- My computer
- Sock Dog
- Bottle of Tuaca

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

- Make movies/get back into acting
- Travel more of the world
- Party at the Playboy Mansion

Three Things I Can Do

- Sing and do the Humpty Dance
- The best Chris Tucker impersonation (Not bad for a white guy)
- Kick your ass in tennis

Three Things I Can’t Do

- Depending on who you ask, probably a lot...
- Dunk a basketball
- Stay within the lines

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To

- Your gut instinct
- Appetite for Destruction- Guns and Roses
- Party Boy Song- Jackass

Three Things You Should Never Listen To

- The Great Gazoo
- Your Doppelganger
- Your Parents :)

Three Things I’d Like To Learn (but won’t)

- Kung-Fu
- Speak as many languages as possible
- Solve a Rubik's cube without cheating

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid

- G.I. Joe
- Benny Hill
- Star Blazers

Three Blogs I’ve tagged

- FuriousBall
- Liz
- Scottsdale Princess


kiki said...

OMAN, i can't believe you did that. that was so gay!

ThePapaDog said...

Thanks my man. Just warn me ahead of time when you want me to hold my ankles again.

At least tell me you love me...

The Boob Lady said...

You have a whole store for me? I'm in love!! Hooch me Papadog! Thank you for commisserating. :)

Editorgirl said...

Ok you've tagged me - now I can tag others!!!!

ThePapaDog said...

You're so gay!


kiki said...

i won't tell you i love you until you wax your back you wooly mammoth!

furiousBall said...

Is it gay to ask what part of my body you tagged?

furiousBall said...

Repsonses posted

Scottsdale Girl said...

gAH! You and Yasamin have tagged me for the three things.

OK I will do it this week sometime. :)

Diesel said...

Does doing a meme make you a follower?

I LOVED Star Blazers. Nova was hot.

ThePapaDog said...

Kiki- you are my rock!

The boob lady- what's your favorite booze? You strike me as a funnel girl or at least a keg stand...

Editor girl- you love this shit. I got nothing more to say to you. It's people like you who start this shit. :)

Kiki again- you never saw my back because I was the designated driver that night...

Furious- any part you want me too. And yes, that makes you gay.

Scottsdale girl- Wow! You get around...

Deisel- Yes, I hate myself for being a follower. I just want people to like me! Is that okay with you??? Star Blazers was the shit...

Daddy L said...

Good 'ponses.