Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I tend not to check the contents of a stove when I pre-heat it. I just assume it's empty. Ha Ha Ha


Well, twice in the past week I have re-cooked something that someone left inside the stove. I should say left in on purpose.

I re-cooked a lamb from Easter. Which by the way had plastic over it to keep the flies off of it I guess. Melted right into the meat. YUMMY!!! Then I burnt the shit out of an apple pie. Which neither one seemed to piss anyone off. Nobody really likes lamb and some people prefer their apple pie toasted. For some reason though, I just can't seem to retrain my brain to check the contents first.

Last night we got home from the gym and stopped off at the grocery store. Had to grab some food cause I was starving. Had it all planned out so we could watch The Shield in time. Well, guess what I cooked this time, or ruined?

Somebody had left some chicken to defrost inside the stove. After pre-heating the oven for about 20 minutes I hear Catdoggg laughing and saying, "You just don't learn."

Excuse me, I'm sorry but who the fuck loads their stove up like a second fridge all the time. I was so pissed off at myself for letting it happen again that I grabbed the plate the chicken was in and burned my thumb.


I then wrote a big note and taped it to the back of the stove to remind me that weird people live in this house like to leave everything but small animals inside their stove.

For 32 years I had never had to worry about this. It's gonna take a while for me.


Editorgirl said...

Oh man and Craig thinks it's bad living with me. Best part of that whole story is the note you left to remind yourself ala mom.
Well done!

furiousBall said...

I haven't reheated many things, but I always forget to check the oven for stuff. Usually it's our cast iron frying pan and invariably, when the little beep goes off letting me know the oven is at the proper temperature. I open it up spot the pan and grab it with my unprotected hand. Iron gets hot. Really fucking hot.

Editorgirl said...

P.S. - when do we get to see new baby pix on the blog?

kiki said...

you mean oven right?

if you can't see if something is on a stove than i think you need big safety (darkened) glasses and a dog to help you get around

ThePapaDog said...

No Kiki, in the stove!