Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Overheard at Catdogggs!

At Catdoggg's parents house part of their siding had blown off a while back. During that time they also needed to replace part of the roof. The roofing company (which is one of the largest around our area) said that they would come back and fix the siding that blew off. They came at 7am today. This is what we heard lying in bed as they worked directly above us. Catdoggg's window is open a crack from the top. They had no idea...

Guy 1: Have you ever done siding before.

Guy 3: I've never done siding.

Guy 1: This is a fucking disaster.

Guy 2: I don't know what I'm doing!

Guy 1: Only one way to learn.

Guy 3: Just go ahead and do it!

They mumble about a bit more about what side is up, where does this piece go, what color is the sky... So Catdoggg lets her mother know what we heard.

Her mum has a thick Irish accent. It's taken me almost 2 years to finally understand every word she says. So imagine being on a roof and having an Irish lady yell up at you. Imagine what that would sound like.

So she goes out and said to them. "Do you know what you are doing? I heard that you might not know how. If you don't then I'll get someone else."

Guy 1, 2, and 3: We know what we were doing. We'll have it fixed up for ya don't you worry.

We laugh. Remember we are right next to them. They are literally only 4 inches away. They start murmuring on the roof.

Guy 1: Who said they didn't know how to do siding? I didn't!

Guy 2: I didn't!

Guy 3: I did.

Guy 2: What did she have a cup up against the wall?

Guy 3: Yea! A Tea Cup!

I thought we were going to die. We started laughing so hard that we had to muffle ourselves so they didn't hear us. Let me tell you, I was haven't been this entertained this early in the morning since college.

Here are other parts of conversations we heard. If you couldn't tell yet, Guy 3 is the comedian of the group.

Guy 3: So I go out and meet people and give them estimates and I drive by the next day and there are 30 fucking Brazilians on the roof!

I thought I was going to lose it on that one...

Guy 3: Do we slide them down into place and they lock?

Guy 1: Yea, but there's too much space here. So I'll get a piece of lead to stick in.

Guy 2: A little bit of lead!

Guy 3: A little bit of Gorilla Glue!

Guy 1: And we're good to go...

Why don't you just use bubble gum guys???

Guy 2: Who put this siding on?

Guy 3: It wasn't us!

Guy 1: Fucking hacks put this siding on.

Guy 3: Isn't it lunch time soon?

There was definitely more laughs but I can't remember them all. We had to get out of bed cause we couldn't take it anymore.

You never know what you'll get when you hire someone, but more importantly... You never know whose listening!


Editorgirl said...

You made Regina and I at work laugh completely out loud - this is absolutely classic! Too funny! Totally something out of a movie!

furiousBall said...

I would have waited a few more minutes and then asked them which one of them just farted on my roof.

kiki said...

next time, get catdogggs aunt up there, after a few drinks.

they'll get the job done quicker than a $2 hooker!