Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yesterday was an incredibly difficult day for everyone. Catdoggg had to put down her 14 year old Husky Miesha. I can't even begin to describe the overwhelming feelings surrounding yesterday. The Vet came to the house so Miesha would feel comfortable. We took her outside where she loved to sit. It was very sad, but it was the right thing to do.

We all loved Miesha very much. She was such an incredible dog. Always so willing to accept everybody. She gave a lot of love and she affected everyone who had met her.

I am so proud of Catdoggg. How incredibly hard it is to do what is right for Miesha and not keep her suffering for our own selfish reasons. To love someone that much that you'll be able to go through with it. Honestly, I don't even know if I could. Catdogg was very brave.

I remember when I met Miesha for the first time. I was so scared of her. This big Siberian Husky with piercing eyes, wooing at ya. She always welcomed you when you came over and that's what was so intimidating in the beginning. This massive dog coming right at ya when you walk in. All she wanted to do was say hello and give you a quick lick. She was a big pussy at heart.

Miesha was the first person(dog) to make Babydog laugh. When he was 3 and a half months old he saw her come in once from her walk and we don't know if it was the big head with the giant nose, but for some reason he just lost it. He laughed so hard. Even an hour before the vet came she was still making Babydog laugh trying to catch treats in her mouth.

I've only known Miesha for a couple of years and I am so happy I had that. I will miss you wooing and your quick scampers when Babydog came into the room. I'll miss our walks when in fact you were the one walking me. I'll miss letting you in the house to only let you on the porch again and then let you back in the house and on the porch in a matter of a minute. I'll even miss you bossy me around. You know what, I'm just going to miss ya.

You've brought so much love to everyone around you Miesha. You will be missed but never forgotten. We'll see you again.


furiousBall said...

Ahh man, that stinks. Miesha has a very wise face. I'm going to take Yogi on a run as soon as my ribs heal enough to do so. Got to let our furry friends know we love 'em more often.

Editorgirl said...

Please tell Cat I'm thinking of her. It is truly a very difficult and self-less act, but she did the right thing (and I know she knows that) and the memories of Miesha will live on forever in photos and tales. I'm here if you guys need me. L

Scottsdale Girl said...


love to y'all. *sniff*

kiki said...

i can't say anything that i haven't already said to catdoggg - plus i don't want to sound 'gay' in this public forum.

shit, that was one cool dog though.

i rememebr one time, it was fucking hot, and that dog STILL came and sat on my feet!

catdoggg said...

i miss you my pretty girl